Taco Bell Dropping Kid’s Meals

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Taco Bell is known for it’s budget friendly Mexican food. Their ads feature young twenty-somethings grabbing a bite to eat with friends. The CEO of Taco Bell said the kid’s meals don’t go with that edgy millennial brand. We talked to the CEO of a local marketing agencies who gives us his take on this change.
“I think it’s good. I think through their research over the last several years, they’ve realized that they definitely can’t be everything to everyone.”
A.B Barrera notes it’s a very strategic move on the fast food chain’s part because millennials are the group that everyone wants to target in terms of marketing.
In 2012, the sales of kids meals dwindled to about half of one percent of taco bell’s total gross, which translates to about four or five kids meals per store, per day.
Obesity is a huge problem in the country and although that did not play a major factor in the decision, it may help.”Perhaps families will choose not to take their children to taco bell. On the other hand, if they do, they may end up ordering from the adult menu which is not good either.”
Millennials are the largest growing generation in our country and they have the most disposable income. The twenty-somethings are also interested in their health and organic food, which Taco Bell doesn’t feature, yet.”
Perhaps taco bell may be able to do that if they change some of their menu items and get very creative the way the market to millennials.”
Although taco bell won’t be marketing to kids, McDonald’s still has the iconic happy meal that will most likely be around forever.

Marketing group features most desired items

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By Ricardo R. Villarreal
Laredo Morning Times
Published: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 2:02 AM CST

Santa is already in town, collecting wish lists and posing for photos, which can only mean the holiday season is upon us.

A media party held at PMDG Marketing Communications, a local advertising agency, on Tuesday morning featured some of the more popular items from the Disney Store and Dillard’s.

Representatives from Sam’s Club, Chocolateka and Edible Arrangements also displayed samples of their products, all perfect for the holiday party season.

PMDG keeps track of shopping trends, from the most popular toys making their way onto wish lists to the hottest styles in fashion.

“A lot of the most popular toys always make a comeback.

One thing we’re seeing this year in terms of trends is the ‘Me Generation’ or ‘Generation Y’ who are actually gifting themselves,” said AB Barrera, PMDG CEO. Retailers are happy about this trend because it means more spending, with electronics, especially smart phones, being big among this 18 to 24 age group, Barrera said.

Hasbro’s fuzzy, robotic Furby has gotten smarter than when the toy was first introduced over a decade ago.

Wal-Mart, Kmart and Toys“R”Us listed Furby as the top toy of the current season for boys and girls.

LeapFrog and its LeapPad 2 are at the number two spot.

Designed for kids aged between 3 and 9, the learning tablet is expected to be difficult for stores to keep in stock.

The animated Master Moves Mickey from Fisher Price is also expected to sell well as are the Air Hogs “Hoover Assault” vehicle and the One Direction Dolls, inspired by the boy singing group.

Barbie continues to be popular as are Nerf guns and Mattel’s Monster High Dolls.

Fashion in the coming year will feature loose layering, with patterns against bold backgrounds.

Natural materials such as leather will be popular.

Tweed is back for men’s coats, while the sailor pea coat look will be seen on women, along with parkas.

As for accessories, bulky scarves, big bags with natural textures and silver jewelry are the trends.

Eye-catching footwear with color and texture, especially knee high boots in fur, fabric, leather and suede will be in style.

Barrera stressed the importance of good service at shopping venues, including well-stocked shelves and a well-informed staff, for satisfied customers.

He added Mall Del Norte will open their stores at 4 a.m. on Black Friday this year.

Laredo Chamber of Commerce special projects coordinator Miriam Menchaca Castillo said the chamber is participating in the Small Business Saturday campaign created by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to promote small businesses.

“We are very proud to be one of only 100 chambers in the United States that got awarded about $7,000 by American Express to invest in the small business community,” Castillo said.

The money will be distributed to consumers by over 25 local participating businesses in the form of $25 gift cards.


Marketing Expert Touts Mexican National Shoppers

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas – 6/27/2012 – On Tuesday morning, merchants in San Antonio’s Alamo Quarry Market listened intently as a well-known retail marketing expert taught them how to make money by catering to moneyed Mexican nationals shopping here.


A.B. Barrera, CMD, co-chief executive officer of PMDG Marketing Communications, told the large early-morning audience at the Alamo Quarry’s California Pizza Kitchen it’s imperative to know the needs and wants of wealthy Northern Mexican shoppers.


“Mexican National Shoppers are brand-savvy. And they expect peerless customer service,” the ICSC- (International Council of Shopping Centers) certified marketing director said in a bass baritone. “You have to develop an acculturated message, provide Spanish signage and ensure team members are bi-lingual, among other maxims.”


Barrera, after noting nine percent Mexican unemployment during a nationwide economic upturn, added in many American cities close to the border, the Mexican National wants brand-name, quality goods – and incentives, value-oriented offers and plenty of coupons.


To get them here, the ad agency owner said San Antonio retailers must first advertise in Mexican media organs.


“Ads need to be consistent and well-planned, with an acculturated appeal,” Barrera emphasized. “Remember, treat them like tourists.”

These shopping destination tourists, Barrera added, who are flying from Monterrey to San Antonio more than ever before, have expensive tastes they want to satisfy here.


“Remember, of all Mexican shoppers, it’s a good bet that fliers usually have more disposable income,” Barrera emphasized.

Of that income, an average of $3,000 is spent per visit, especially on Mexican holidays – one of which isn’t Cinco de Mayo, which is celebrated by Texans of Mexican descent.


For Mexican Nationals, who like to wear the latest status designer fashions, retailers in shopping destination cities not just in Texas but throughout the Southwest and also in Southern California must learn that price in status is a non-issue if the item in question is desired and that retailing is driven by key brand-name items.


“And those brand-name items must be readily available,” Barrera said, “especially during the fall, with the holiday shopping season upon us. Often, Mexican National Shoppers will take a long weekend, called a ‘puente’, or ‘bridge’, in Spanish, to come to your city to see shows, concerts, to shop a lot and to also experience fine dining. That’s when concierge-level service is needed to answer questions about what’s going on here after the shopping is done.”


The jet-setters often come armed for retail safari, hunting down their lists of items to purchase and the list of the stores selling them cheapest.


“They plan their trips. They are serious shoppers looking for reasons to buy from you,” Barrera noted. “So talk to your district managers and corporate entities and come up with a good, solid advertising plan and a savings program.”


All this means retailers must also maintain adequate, bi-lingual staff during the Mexican holidays. They also must constantly monitor stocking of inventories, provide local information on nearby restaurants, hotels and entertainment, provide clothing shoppers with adequate conversion charts and offer areas for re-packaging of goods prior to leaving the store, said the retail marketing expert, also certified as a business etiquette expert by the Emily Post Institute.


Barrera, who preaches his maxims to audiences of many thousands, closed his talk by emphasizing the importance of having a good attitude when servicing the needs of this special category of shopper.


“Above all, be a good, patient listener – and smile a lot.”


A.B. Barrera Trained by The Emily Post Institute

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1 of less than 100 certified in the U.S.


Laredo, Texas – A.B. Barrera graduated from The Emily Post Institute’s Business Etiquette Train the Trainer Program, held May 7 – 11, 2012 in Burlington, VT; and is now certified as a Business Etiquette Professional. The five-day intensive training with Peter Post, great-grandson of Emily Post and Director of The Emily Post Institute, provided education on eleven relationship-building etiquette modules including communication, business social, dining, professional image and workplace etiquette.


“Part of the mission of The Emily Post Institute is to spread the word about the importance of civility in building and strengthening personal and professional relationships. That’s why we conduct at least one Train the Trainer session each year.” said Peter Post, co-author of The Etiquette Advantage in Business (HarperResource; $26.95), and author of New York Times bestseller Essential Manners for Men (new release: May 2012) “We are honored that A.B. trained with us and is now prepared to work with corporate professionals to help them succeed.”


“I am elated to be able to share my professional knowledge with diverse business professionals. This certification reaffirms my commitment to helping to develop well qualified, skilled experts in a variety of fields.” A.B. Barrera


The Emily Post Institute, Inc. was created by Emily Post in 1946 to promote and study etiquette in America and is run today by fourth generation family members. Today’s work of the Institute includes more than 20 etiquette books; business etiquette seminars; manners classes for children; professional image coaching; magazine, newspaper and website columns; web content; www.emilypost.com; and the blog www.etiquettedaily.com.


Contact PMDG Marketing Communications at (956) 753-5900 or go to www.pmdgagency.com for more information on hosting a business etiquette seminar.

PMDG Announces Brand Re-Launch

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News Release
Monica Bautista
Fax 956-753-5901

PMDG Announces Brand Re-Launch
Laredo, Texas – PMDG marketing Communications recently announced the official roll out of a new marketing campaign that catapults the Agency as South Texas’ premier full service marketing solutions specialist.

PMDG’s Brand Re-launch Campaign focuses on the Agency’s philosophy – “it’s not a border, it’s a culture”. Recognized as a “Niche” International Advertising Firm, PMDG caters to bicultural target markets, reaching out to the Mexican National Consumer and the U.S. Hispanic audience simultaneously.

Clients seeking to reach groups whose tastes, customs and language differ from what is commonly known as the “general market” continue to turn to PMDG. The Agency’s location on the U.S./Mexico border—provides insight into both cultures and a unique lifestyle manifested exclusively along U.S./Mexico border communities.

The latest PMDG Brand Campaign features a vibrant mix of cultural images and icons that resonates the energy and sounds of the unique Hispanic culture. The campaign also focuses on driving results and impacting the bottom line by delivering consistent messages to current and potential clients.

“Our business is driving results to your business (consistently) – a consistent message generates a positive impact to your bottom line. We can develop cost effective ways to brand your business and generate results.” said Francisco Barrientos of PMDG.

“There are a lot of great things happening in South Texas right now; we are at a pivotal point where we must learn to re-invent ourselves by turning negatives into positives. PMDG’s new branding campaign encompasses the use of the resources in our own back yard to generate positive messages about who we are and what we’re all about”. continued Barrientos.

PMDG Marketing Communications, a Barrera/Barrientos Agency is an international marketing firm providing full-service advertising benefits to the U.S./Mexico border.

They offer conceptual development, strategic marketing, public relations, digital media, media planning and buying, and various other services.

Former and current clients include: Chesapeake Energy, America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA), Bud Light, Forever 21, Webb County, City of Laredo Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Bethany House of Laredo, Best Western San Isidro Inn, and Bomba Energy Drink among others.

The Agency is located in Historic Downtown Laredo at 1719 Matamoros, suite 200. They can be reached by calling (956) 753-5900 or by visiting their website at www.pmdgagency.com


Border Retailers Hope for Feliz Navidad

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With U.S. in Downturn, Southwestern Cities Are Courting Mexicans, and Praying the Peso Strengthens


Laredo, Texas

Merchants in this border town on the brushy banks of the Rio Grande have pretty much given up on a Merry Christmas. But they’re still optimistic about a Feliz Navidad.

Sales to U.S. customers are slumping here like everywhere else. But Mexicans account for roughly half the retail business in Laredo, which like dozens of border cities has built up a bi-national shopping district that has boomed in recent years. Continue Reading »

Showcase of Hispanic Ad Agencies to feature Local Agencies and National Client Success Stories.

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On Thursday, May 14th, 2009 an estimated 300 local marketing executives will convene for the 2nd Showcase of San Antonio’s Hispanic Ad Agencies, sponsored by SAVisión, the Hispanic Marketing arm of the American Marketing Association. The event will bring together a wide range of local agencies which create national and regional Hispanic advertising, providing a forum to exhibit their outstanding creative and strategic work to prospective clients and media alike. The Showcase highlights the economic importance and prestige the industry brings to the South Texas region, aptly called the Madison Avenue of Hispanic Advertising. 

Participants will hear first-hand from agency principals how San Antonio’s creative shops have crafted successful national campaigns for industry giants. Last year’s case studies featured 9 agencies and leading brands including Verizon Wireless, Bell South, The Wells Fargo Bank, Dr. Pepper, the Jeb Bush Gubernatorial campaign, two national laundry detergent brands, the Laredo Medical Center and the Centers for Disease Control.

The innovative event will start with a tabletop creative exposition at which agencies present samples of their work, showcasing agency creative, research, and client solutions through ads, collateral, video presentations and other interactive materials. This will allow attendees to speak one-on-one with agency principals and creative talent, and gain an insight into the scope of the clients being serviced from south Texas. Continue Reading »

En busca de más compradores mexicanos

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Comerciantes de Texas extenderán a México el ‘Black Friday’

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Este programa permitirá a los comerciantes atraer a los consumidores mexicanos y ayudar a incrementar sus ventas.

Dallas • Comerciantes en Texas buscan extender este año a México, el tradicional día de compras conocido como ‘Black Friday’, con una campaña de publicidad para atraer a los consumidores mexicanos en esa fecha, cuando se ofrecen las mayores ofertas.

En Estados Unidos, el día posterior al de ‘Acción de Gracias’ (que este año es el 27 de noviembre), es conocido como ‘Black Friday’ (Viernes Negro) y marca el inicio de la temporada de compras navideñas.

Ese día, la gran mayoría de las cadenas comerciales anuncian sus mejores ofertas del año y abren sus puertas durante la madrugada y permanecen abiertas hasta la medianoche. Continue Reading »

Laredo’s PMDG Marketing Communications launches regional Mexico marketing initiative

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LAREDO, TX – The challenging economy, shows the upcoming holidays as daunting as ever for U.S. retailers, has sparked a major initiative among businesses along the U.S./Mexico border in an effort to maximize sales and generate traffic during this key retail period.

In an effort to aggressively promote Texas cities along the U.S./Mexico border and their many shopping, dining, and hospitality options, PMDG Marketing Communications has developed a regional marketing program targeting key markets in Mexico, particularly in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and Saltillo, Coahuila.

De Shopping En Texas is a strategic multimedia marketing campaign, developed by PMDG, designed to promote sales on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving).

This collaborative effort allows retailers to attract the Mexican consumer and help boost sales numbers in their favorite shopping cities across Texas.

“Retailers are looking for more non-traditional ways to reach a specific targeted group; this program allows them to reach out to targeted upper middle-class consumers in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and Saltillo, Coahuila,” continued Barrera. Continue Reading »