Taco Bell Dropping Kid’s Meals

Story via Pro8News.com

Taco Bell is known for it’s budget friendly Mexican food. Their ads feature young twenty-somethings grabbing a bite to eat with friends. The CEO of Taco Bell said the kid’s meals don’t go with that edgy millennial brand. We talked to the CEO of a local marketing agencies who gives us his take on this change.
“I think it’s good. I think through their research over the last several years, they’ve realized that they definitely can’t be everything to everyone.”
A.B Barrera notes it’s a very strategic move on the fast food chain’s part because millennials are the group that everyone wants to target in terms of marketing.
In 2012, the sales of kids meals dwindled to about half of one percent of taco bell’s total gross, which translates to about four or five kids meals per store, per day.
Obesity is a huge problem in the country and although that did not play a major factor in the decision, it may help.”Perhaps families will choose not to take their children to taco bell. On the other hand, if they do, they may end up ordering from the adult menu which is not good either.”
Millennials are the largest growing generation in our country and they have the most disposable income. The twenty-somethings are also interested in their health and organic food, which Taco Bell doesn’t feature, yet.”
Perhaps taco bell may be able to do that if they change some of their menu items and get very creative the way the market to millennials.”
Although taco bell won’t be marketing to kids, McDonald’s still has the iconic happy meal that will most likely be around forever.